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APA offers a wealth of exam prep resources. Review the content outline, watch some training videos, explore other chapters’ exam prep materials, and much more.

APA New Mexico Exam Prep

APA New Mexico is pleased to offer an AICP exam training course to APA-NM members free of charge. Weekly courses are taught by local experts and provide the guidance and materials needed to better prepare for the exam. Non-members can participate in the course at a charge of $50.

Additional APA Chapter Resources

Other materials not specifically endorsed by the Chapter or APA:

AICP Exam Scholarship

Each exam cycle, APA offers scholarships to APA members who are interested in taking the AICP exam or who are interested in submitting their experience assessment.

Under this program, APA scholarship recipients pay reduced fees to AICP as follows:

  • $85 for the exam registration fee. Regular exam registration fee is $255.
  • $85 for the experience assessment after passing the exam. Regular experience assessment fee is $255.

All awarded scholarships must be used for the cycle granted. Recipients must re-apply for the scholarship if they do not pass their exam or if their assessment does not meet the requirements. Please visit the AICP Certification Diversity Scholarship webpage for more information.

Certification Maintenance

The New Mexico Chapter provides opportunities and resources for chapter members to obtain AICP certification and maintain their certification by staying involved in the planning profession and gaining Certification Maintenance (CM) credits.

Upcoming local event will be posted below.

Additional APA Chapter Resources


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